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What are the causes behind hair thinning?

Hair thinning is a common problem now a day and we see every third person suffering from it. Before any treatment, you should know about the cause of your hair thinning. There are a lot of factors that can cause hair thinning. Some of them are as follows.

Harsh chemicals

We use a lot of hair products on our hair on a regular basis. This has become a kind of routine for us now, something that we cannot skip. We agree that skipping these hair products is not easy, but if you have to use one, use a chemical free one. Be it your shampoo, conditioner, oil, hair mask or anything else. Using a product that has chemicals in it will lead to hair thinning

Diet management

When we talk about our hair or skin, people often feel that applying good products in a particular part will help us in taking good care of it. However, this is a myth. It is obvious that, if you are taking care of your hair, externally, then it is going to be in a good condition, but actual nourishment comes from the care that you do by changing your diet plans. There are certain nutrients responsible for for hair growth. You should always include them in your diet. If you are not doing so, then this might lead to hair thinning or AKA thinning hair.


There are certain medical conditions also, that can cause hair thinning. One of them is having a family history of hair thinning. You must have come across certain people in your life who have a problem of hair thinning, right from their birth and you also have noticed that there are other people in their family also who are suffering from the same problem. This implies that hair thinning is in the genes of that family. So, this is one more factor responsible for hair thinning.


As mentioned earlier, there are several medical conditions that can lead to hair thinning. If a person is suffering from any severe disease, he or she may end up with the problem of hair thinning. Sometimes, pregnancy also leads to hair thinning. You may find that till your delivery, your hair has started falling and there is a condition of hair thinning. Along with that, there are cases when just fevers have caused hair thinning. So, basically, it is because of some improper medication that you take while treating all these conditions and that finally leads to hair thinning. Some medicines are there that are known for their side effects and if you are taking a heavy dosage of that then it may lead to hair thinning.

We often think that every hair treatment is for every person suffering from hair problems, but this is not true. Different people have different causes of hair loss and they should be treated accordingly. It is therefore very important to know the cause behind the hair problem that you are facing.

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