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Tips need to keep in mind before the purchase of an Ink cartridge

It was always a frustrating experience when you stuck in the mid of the printing of any legal documents. Your printer lights are blinking, and your papers aren’t printing. Now it’s time to replace the ink cartridge. Now you may in search of a suitable replacement of your ink cartridge. But there is lots aspect you need to consider before going to purchase your next toner.

There are three types of ink cartridge available in the market.

1) An OEM ink cartridge (Pros & Cons)


• It’s manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer company (OEM), so quality is assured and guaranteed.

• You will get excellent service at the end

• Need not to worry in future replacement of toner cartridge. You make a simple call, and you get the service at your doorstep.


• It is costly since manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer company (OEM).

• You may get some toner at a cheaper rate, but don’t forget that you are paying for the brand name and its value.

• It is a simple operation, and you can do its own. So no need to spend a lot of bucks for toner replacement and refilling processes.

2) A compatible ink cartridge (Pros & Cons)


• You will get similar kind of quality as like OEM provides at a cheaper rate.

• You will also get excellent service at the end at a more reasonable price.

• Their product quality is excellent and well-judged by even OEM.


• So you do not get the same brand value as like OEMs.

• End Quality is somehow low as compared with OEM, but if you have a large volume of printing work, then I think you need to prefer Compatible toner cartridge.

• Since the third party builds it, hence there you may face difficulty in their quality support and services.

3) A remanufactured ink cartridge (Pros & Cons)


• It is initially compatible or OEM, but its components refill and reuse.

• It’s a wise decision to go with a remanufactured cartridge since OEM initially manufactured it.

• You get good quality of toner cartridge at a cheaper rate.


• Since it is less expensive, you may have an inferiority complex as compared with others.

• Reusing of parts and components makes toner cartridge price cheaper, but you have to be careful before purchase.

• One other issue is that a defective cartridge can damage your printer.

Selection of ink cartridge doesn’t only depend upon the price, but also your volume of printing. If you are using the sheet for individual use, then the OEM cartridge will be the best option for you. But if you are using your printer for a business purpose which requires a large volume of daily printing, then you may pick another two options from the above mentioned. I hope this blog will help you decide which ink cartridge suits your requirement and you can take decision wisely.

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